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Sex. Erotica. Explicit Sexual Content. NSFW. Fantasy. Summary. Maghda is a half-orc witch, living in Port Peril, the pirate capital of the Shackles. She mostly minds her own business, which is helping out ladies in trouble and delivering babies. One of her lovers, a half-orc . Orcs Hentai Movies, Orcs fuck elves in xxx Cartoon Tube. 5ms. Beautiful woman with huge tits gets fucked by monsters. 1 72%. 2 years ago. 15ms. Big-breasted brunette fucking gnarly orc .

Alternate realities were discovered a decade ago. An exciting discovery, to be sure. Of course, some less than upstanding individuals decided to find a way to weaponize this discovery. They created weapons which could force people into these alternate realities, or swap aspects of individuals between them. This is the story of one of the victims of such an attack. You find yourself alone after a recent apocalypse.

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Anyone can use a wondrous item unless specified otherwise in the description. Physical Description Varies. Activation Usually use-activated or command word, but details vary from item to item. An 01 result indicates the wondrous item is intelligent, indicates that something a design, inscription, or the like provides a clue to its function, and indicates no special qualities. Intelligent items have extra abilities and sometimes extraordinary powers and special purposes.

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Tags: Half-Orc Male/Human Male, Anal sex, Crossdressing, Deepthroat, Light bondage, Fellatio, Spit Donald had never seen many half-orcs in his lifetime due to his isolated upbringing, but Sir Layton was no doubt a prime specimen. Sweat glazed his dark green body. His abdominal muscles rippled with each powerful crunch. Donald watched in sheer. Give From Sows to Cows 5/5. Views: Orc Safari. Polyle. Nymph, Monster Girls, Double Penetration, Group Sex, Anal Sex. Orc, Zone-tan. Select rating Give Orc Safari 1/5 Give Orc Safari 2/5 Give Orc Safari 3/5 Give Orc Safari 4/5 Give Orc Safari 5/5. Give Orc Safari 1/5. Give Orc Safari 2/5.

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Toggle Theme. Archives of Nethys. As a Half-Orc, you select from among the following ancestry feats. Filter Use These filters are still being tested and do not currently function properly on Mobile Desktop View will work. Please use the Contact Us field on the main menu to report any issues. All columns should function as the filters describe, with the following exceptions: ‘Between’ Function : To use the ‘between’ function on any number column, separate each number with a space and then select the ‘between’ option eg: ‘4 10’, minus the quotations would get all results between 4 and Does not support multiple Traits yet.

For increased filtering power, click the ‘Export to CSV’ button in the top-right of the grid and further filter the data in Excel or a similar medium. Check All. PFS Legality. Adapted Cantrip. Core Rulebook.

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